CITY EXPRESS® specializes in very fast delivery on the territory of 30 cities in Bulgaria. The services we offer are carried out either within 90 minutes, 180 minutes, by the end of the same business day, or the next day early morning by 10:30 am.

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The service is designed to keep your peace of mind when transporting non-document items. The shipper may extend the limit of liability defined in the “General Terms and Conditions for Relations with Users of IN TIME” Ltd., if when submitting a non-document shipment declares a higher value of the content and pay the relevant fee.

The declared value of the contents of a shipment may not exceed BGN 25,000 or the actual value of its contents.

Fee: 0.36% of the declared value for fragile items (glass, ceramics, faience, etc.)

and 0.12% of the declared value for all other non-document shipments.

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